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Fin-Tec delivers services
to help build and manage
your computing environ. Services such as consulting and design services to programming and deployment.

From operational and support services to
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or any point in between.



Fin-Tec offers high quality service solutions. These service solutions are provided by Fin-Tec. On this page, you will find information about Fin-Tec's service offerings you can purchase from Fin-Tec.

Application Design
Let our design experts design a custom application for you. Our experienced team can implement your smallest to largest tasks. Let us show you how. At Fin-Tec, we understand that your application goals and business challenges are unique, and that your needs are constantly changing. That's why our team works closely with your team to design and implement real solutions with both custom-made and pre-packaged applications. Whether it's a small application or a large scale implementation project, we offer a proven path for solutions that work.

Our specialists offer a wealth of experience in a variety of projects and markets. Your users can quickly benefit from the use of our application. Fin-Tec provides the guidance and assistance you require as you integrate products into your business environment. From planning and design to training and support, our implementation team will assist you to easily deploy and leverage the application. Our goal is to make our application work for your success.

Custom Applications
Fin-Tec designs and programs custom software packages to meet your everyday needs. Integrated into your existing office solutions, Fin-Tec's custom programs are sure to boost productivity and streamline office processes.

Click here to view some of our custom software applications.

Data and Voice
You've heard about data and voice on the same lines. Let our consultants analyze your line needs and possibly we can reduce your costs. Converged Networks Separate network systems for voice, video, and data are now converging. As these systems move toward a single, unified network infrastructure, they offer increased transport efficiencies which results in major cost reductions and enhanced applications performance. Converged networks can decrease telephone costs, enable Web based commerce, and allow corporate campuses located throughout the world to act as a single campus, and do much more to improve the cost-effectiveness of total network communications. New advances in switches and routers now allows companies to carry high quality voice and data traffic over a single infrastructure.

These new technologies allow traditional separate networks to blend into one. For additional information regarding integrated voice, video, and data traffic across Lans and Wans or, voice-over-IP (VOIP) capabilities, call a Fin-Tec consultant today.

Data Cabling
The network cable infrastructure is the backbone of your system. Don't compromise on quality installation and setup. Coax, Fiber, UTP, RS-232, RS-432, we install it right. If you're looking for an integration company to design, install, maintain or troubleshoot your premise or campus cabling systems, look no further. Our cable installers are qualified or certified by a wide variety of manufacturers of cable, distribution components, protection hardware and test equipment. Give us a call and we can help.

Let us help you with the following:

Backbone and riser cable design and installations
Cable and component location
Campus wiring
Copper cable splicing
Disaster recovery consulting and installation
Emergency services
Fiber-optic fusion splicing
Fire-stopping consulting and installation
Installation of uninterruptible power supplies

Internet Design
Fin-Tec's Internet/Intranet solutions are designed to integrate departments, workgroups and companies. We can help you establish closer relationships with your investors, or bring your business processes to a new dynamic level.

Office Integration
Fin-Tec provides a full range of desktop application solutions. We build flexible solutions that provide the essential tools for making your office more productive and easier to use. Today's office complexities often require considerable experience in building multi-component, integrated solutions. We are able to build and maintain applications that seamlessly integrate into your application infrastructure.

To achieve our project goals, we leverage the Microsoft Office Suite of Applications and Office's common programming language, Visual Basic for Applications. From application development to web sites, Fin-Tec specializes in partnering with providers to achieve outstanding results. We can assist you in the successful deployment of time-critical, productivity-enhancing applications. Our technical excellence combined with real-world business experience provides dynamic solutions to real world tasks. By using Microsoft's Office components we are able to minimize development time, reduces costs and ease training and support. We have experience in MS Access, MS Excel, MS Exchange, MS Mail, MS Outlook, MS Word, MS WordBasic, FoxPro, Lotus 1-2-3, Oracle, SQL Server, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Interdev, and HTML.

Our cross-platform strategy includes coding for Windows 95, Windows NT, and Macintosh computers. Call today for a solution that works for you.

Service Contracts
Our service contracts have set the standards by which others are measured. Today we offer a range of on-site contracts that will satisfy your every need.

Click here to view content of our service contracts.

Insist on maximizing your investment with your existing equipment. Let us show you what equipment qualifies for upgrades and which one's that do not.

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