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Consulting Services
Fin-Tec delivers services
to help build and manage
your computing environ. Services such as consulting and design services to programming and deployment.

From operational and support services to
migration and web design,
or any point in between.


About us

Formed in 1980 and incorporated in 1982, Fin-Tec Service Corporation began its ingress into the computer industry by developing custom financial and construction-related software applications running on the CPM, DOS, PRO/DOS, and Macintosh platforms. With the overwhelming success of the IBM PC, Fin-Tec quickly researched and released other products that would "add-on" to existing software programs.

In 1985, it's research and development efforts focused on deploying a rule-based artificial intelligence package for sale to a major hardware/software manufacturer. In 1986, Fin-Tec developed and released one of the first commercially available wrist terminal software packages (watch-to-PC).

In 1987, with the introduction of Novell ELS, Fin-Tec recognized that this new connectivity technology would soon become a major factor in collaborative computing in the future. In response, Fin-Tec created its own networking division to focus on one objective: researching the networking arena. Fin-Tec trained its technicians and engineers to become self-reliant on these technologies and was one of the first companies in Arizona to deliver "turn-key" solutions such as the design and implementation of the network system, installation and setup of the desktop and server components, and installation and support of the desktop applications.

By 1990, Fin-Tec was known to many as a true systems integrator, developing and deploying hardware, custom software, and integrated solutions. With a passion to become a formidable and knowledgeable systems company, Fin-Tec instilled its "doing it right from the start" philosophy in its technicians and engineers by making a commitment in educating its employees with available ongoing accreditation's.

In 1993, Fin-Tec created a department solely responsible for research of the latest computer technologies, making those technologies available to its client base. True to this commitment, Fin-Tec delivers to its customers a continuum of information and upgrade services equal to none.

Today, clients rely on Fin-Tec to deliver solutions that combine their existing systems with the latest technologies available. The company's "solutions-oriented" rather than "sales-oriented" perspective assures our clients that Fin-Tec is committed to providing real world solution to their everyday tasks.

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