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Consulting Services
Fin-Tec delivers services
to help build and manage
your computing environ. Services such as consulting and design services to programming and deployment.

From operational and support services to
migration and web design,
or any point in between.



Fin-Tec will design and deploy a local or wide-area networking solution for you. From workgroup email to sharing resources, Fin-Tec specializes in TCP/IP-based email, directory, web, file and database services. Along with our web design solutions, we can design and deploy your company's total systems infrastructure.

Faxing Solutions
If you’re looking for a Windows fax solution, Fin-Tec can help. There is a host of new products available that gives users and administrators easier solutions to manage. These new platforms let you take control over your network or enterprise faxing, thus, saving time and controlling your fax costs.

Messaging Systems
Migrating your messaging system is a challenging task. Fin-Tec engineers can assist your organization in the design and planning process needed as you move from a shared file system to a robust client/server messaging system. Microsoft Exchange Server is your messaging solution. Fin-Tec's messaging specialists will analyze your requirements to provide a smooth migration path.

Systems Integration
Need to have your Netware, NT, Unix and Macintosh servers communicating? Let our systems integration unit design a solution that works seamlessly for you.

Systems Management
Our basic systems management solutions includes services for, Backup and Recovery of data, Data Security Monitoring, Event Detection and Resolution, Fault Isolation, System Configuration, and Information Management. Fin-Tec's systems management team can assist your staff or deliver a specialist to your site.

Wan-Lan Solutions
Searching for a WAN backbone switching solution that meets the needs of service providers and large enterprises for integrated ATM, Frame Relay, IP, Internet, voice, and video services? We can help. Call us today for the latest affordable products available.

Wireless Lan Solutions
Are you looking for a high performance, cost-effective, building-to-building wireless networking solution? Do you need to bridge your Ethernet and/or your internet connections across the street or across town? Well look no further. Fin-Tec will install and setup a wireless solution that uses spread spectrum radio technology that provides high-speed (up to 54 Mbps) system throughput with reliable and secure communications between two or more buildings. Our wireless solutions are capable of connecting buildings that are more than 25 kilometers apart and, because these wireless devices are operating in the 2.4 GHz portion of the ISM band means that they do not require special licensing. Our wireless Ethernet bridge supports Novell Netware, Windows NT, Windows 95, UNIX with TCP/IP, and Appletalk. A maximum aggregated data rate of 54 Mbps can be achieved by operating three simultaneous RF channels. SNMP support is also available with our wireless bridge units. Contact our networking consultants today and we'll be happy to answer your questions about these and other quality networking solutions.

When deploying Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and the Microsoft BackOffice products, our professional staff and superior resources makes Fin-Tec your best choice. If you're contemplating desktop upgrades or migrating your servers to a newer operating system, Fin-Tec's professionals have the skills and expertise to deploy these technologies.

For information regarding networking solutions, e-mail us at sales@fin-tec.com

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