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Consulting Services
Fin-Tec delivers services
to help build and manage
your computing environ. Services such as consulting and design services to programming and deployment.

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Fin-Tec Service Corporation, a Cisco Premier Partner, a Compaq Business Partner, a Digital Network Associate Partner, a DPS Business Partner, an Optus Business Partner, a Hewlett Packard Value Added Reseller, and a 3Com Networking Partner, specializes in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Networks and Microsoft BackOffice multi-platform configurations.

As a professional systems integration services company, Fin-Tec designs solutions from the start. From site-design and consultation to installation, setup and post-sales training, our solutions experts make your investments in technology soar. Our solutions range from shrink-wrapped mass-market software to custom applications and build-to-order systems. Fin-Tec delivers custom client-server applications and advanced Internet and Intranet-based solutions. In addition, we offer Internet web page design and web hosting, office and engineering applications, e-mail, and remote networking services.

Fin-Tec consultants have extensive experience in the design and installation of mission-critical system solutions, including Network Operating Systems, Messaging Systems, Systems Management, and Network Lan/Wan/Wireless Communications.

If you are thinking about installing a network, or implementing any new technology, our experienced engineers will be able to resolve any challenge to incorporating the changes into your environment. We are certified on Microsoft and Novell operating systems and have over 40 years of combined technical experience.

No matter how demanding your business requirements, Fin-Tec can design a solution to accommodate your workload. Organizations of all kinds face an array of security threats -- and must react quickly with limited IT resources. Fin-Tec offers security solutions for specific business applications such as networking, site-to-site communications, telecommuting, or secure Web sites.

• Business class e-mail
• Contact management
• Document management
• Online calendaring
• Outlook synchronization
• Secure internet solutions
• Task management
• Web base email

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is the Microsoft messaging and collaboration server designed to help you communicate more effectively. Along with the rich client functionality provided by Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, Exchange Server 2003 offers:

• Mobile, remote, and desktop e-mail access w/state-of-the-art security & privacy
• Lower cost of ownership through services provided by Windows Server 2003
• High reliability and outstanding performance
• E-mail-based collaboration
• Easy upgrading, deployment, and administration

Discover how you can benefit from Exchange Server 2003 with the new and enhanced abilities and features. Exchange Server 2003 is deeply integrated with Windows Server 2003 for enhanced reliability of the IT environment. Consolidate and centralize your messaging servers and realize a greater return on your IT investments with the performance gains in Exchange Server 2003.

Network Protection
Internet security appliances (firewalls) are the most effective way to protect network access. Firewalls tracks each data packet traversing the firewall and ensures that they are legitimate. A firewall also monitors the state of the connection and compiles the information in a state table ensuring that the source and destination of each packet is valid.

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows XP Professional is the latest version of the Windows operating system, which is designed for businesses of all sizes, and for individuals who demand the most from their computing experience. Windows XP Professional has advanced capabilities designed specifically to optimize productivity using the latest advancements in the digital world. Built on the solid foundation of Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional provides improved reliability, stability and performance.

Firewall/VPN Software integrates seamlessly with a comprehensive and expanding array of security applications to provide a complete Internet security solution. You can avoid the integration and maintenance problems that often result from sourcing, installing, and maintaining multiple security products.

Windows Server 2003 includes all the functionality customers need today from a Windows server operating system to do more with less, such as security, reliability, availability, and scalability. In addition, Microsoft has improved and extended the Windows server operating systems incorporate the benefits of Microsoft .NET for connecting information, people, systems, and devices. Windows Server 2003 is a multipurpose operating system capable of handling a diverse set of server roles, depending on your needs, in either a centralized or distributed fashion.

In a distributed business model, branch offices extend a company's reach into key markets, but that communication link must be available 24x7 and be able to support the business' applications. VPN solutions help companies establish centralized control over remote access points and provide the robust security and performance needed for business continuance.

Voice over IP
In an effort to cut communications costs, many of today's businesses are looking to implement Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies. However, the security risks associated with a converged voice and data network often get overlooked. Tempted by the benefits of lower phone bills, centralized management and rapid deployment, businesses sometimes neglect the critical areas of VoIP security and network integrity.

Your web page is an extension of your company. That's why our team works closely with your team to make your ideas a reality. Successful web site design and development is an open dialogue between your business and our designers. With our creative development and design team, we can produce a website customized for you. We will set you up with a domain name and register your site with all of the popular search engines. While focusing on making top quality web sites, our standard web site package includes everything you need to put your business on the web, except the fees for web hosting. Our specialty is making web sites economically feasible to small businesses.

Innovative wireless solutions can make secure, easy and cost-effective solutions that integrate rock-solid wireless technology into your network. Whether you’re adding wireless into an existing wired network infrastructure or creating a new wireless network from the ground up, wireless solutions scale to virtually any network deployment, large or small.

Our specialty is small to medium business networking lan/wan and internet solutions. For additional information regarding system solutions, e-mail us at sales@fin-tec.com

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