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Information is an increasingly valuable - and costly asset

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application integration
operating systems
voice over IP

antivirus management
application support
centralized backup
custom applications
email security
firewall management
installation services
maintenance services
office integration
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technical support

Consulting Services
Fin-Tec delivers services
to help build and manage
your computing environ. Services such as consulting and design services to programming and deployment.

From operational and support services to
migration and web design,
or any point in between.


Developers of Software for Professionals
Authorized Dealers for 3Com, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, McAfee, Microsoft

Technology is shifting, and we're here to help you. Fin-Tec Service Corporation is your one-vendor solution for all your computer, software and connectivity challenges. Unlike other computer companies, we have been serving Arizona since 1982 and have become one of Arizona's premier systems integration companies.

As a client of ours, you can expect more than just a box of software. You'll get a technical staff that has been involved in this industry since 1982, and our engineers truly have the expertise and experience to solve and manage the right solutions for you.

Fin-Tec consultants can assess your computing needs, determine technologies that would best suit your business, plus help with deployment, administration, and support. Fin-Tec consultants specialize in small business technology and can help you make wise long-term decisions regarding networks, hardware, software products, and system solutions.

We know our success is based on your success. The heart of our success has been providing solutions and following up on those solutions with a continuing service and technology commitment equal to no other. Finding a technology consultant who specializes in small business technology is one of the most important things you'll do as a small business owner.

Technology is characterized by change. Fin-Tec is characterized by our readiness to master change and deliver to you the best service possible. If you're ready to install new systems, or plan on migrating your current systems, we can help. Call us today.




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